Planning the Spring Herb Garden

Got an itch to get your spring herb garden going?
As winter slowly turns to spring, the days become sunnier and longer.
Now is the time to start herb seedlings indoors so they are ready to put plant when the ground warms up.
Some herbs grow really well from seeds, others like lavender, do not.

Heart Attack Risk Increases in Women Over 50

More than six and a half million women over 50 who have heart disease in North America have a higher

Natural Health Directory

The Natural Health Directory is your link to finding natural health products and service providers. If you're searching for something,

Hawthorne for the Heart

In spring I love watching the beautiful Hawthorne trees, also known as Crataegus, come into bloom. Although the white flowers are delicate and lovely to look at, try to bring them into your house and you'll quickly be repelled by the smell of rotting flesh or other unsavoury whiffs as they dry.

Estrogen – An Important Hormone for Women’s Health

Estrogens are great hormones! They are important hormones for women's health and part of what make women feminine and different


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