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Stop That Coughing

By Dr. Christine Branchi - DD, DIHom, FBIH

A frequent and common manifestation of respiratory disease is "the cough". It is important to note however, that a cough is a very important defense mechanism of the respiratory tract.

A cough is usually self-limiting but it can linger on and become quite a nuisance. A cough can also be an indication of a serious underlying problem and one should seek the advice of a professional or your general health care practitioner.

Common causes for coughs include infections that can relate to the upper and lower respiratory tracts. These infections include among many pharyngitis, sinusitus and pneumonia. A chronic cough can also be caused by smoking a habit often over looked.

As we all know a cough can be very persistent and can stick around for quite some time.

As with all things in homeopathy in order to investigate a cough thoroughly a complete history should be taken which will provide information about the person's family, environment and exposures. It is usually not very difficult to uncover a specific cause of a cough especially in children when using the information gathered.

The type and characteristic of the cough and sputum is very important for taking the correct homeopathic remedy. A person should really consider some of the following details; is the cough short and painful, productive, dry, only coughs during the day or night. Is the cough a bark or brassy, are you always clearing your throat. Is it better from warm or cold etceteras? Taking all of the information into consideration and detail will enable you to select the best homeopathic remedy needed.

The homeopathic medicine chest is full of remedies for that nagging cough and the following list is just a small sample of what is available.


Dry cough

Spongia Tosta:

Hoarse barking cough


Dry violent long and continued

Sambucus nigra:

A croup type cough

Next time you or your child has a cough why not try one of the over-the-counter Homeopathic Cough Remedies that are available at many health foods stores and pharmacies. They are safe and effective with no side effects. However, some over the counter cough remedies are based in honey and honey should not be given to children under one year.

Dr. Christine Branchi, DD, DIHom, FBIH, Doctor of Divinity, registered Homeopath, counsellor, teaches relaxation, visualization, and stress management. Call 245-7533 for appointment.

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